We are INI Builder team located near Oslo, which specialising in architecture, design and project management.

Who We Are

We are a creative and contemporary architectural and interior design practice, working across the residential housing, commercial, arts, education and leisure sectors. We do not see ourselves limited by the scale or type of project and we engage in all aspects of the building design, development and construction process, from conception to completion. We embrace design thinking, always looking ahead to the construction process before it starts, and spending a budget wisely.

As architects, in the projects, we promote functionality, aesthetics and comfort in living and working spaces incorporated with ergonomics, proportion, ease of use and the quality of space planning. The international experience, the depth of knowledge in theory and practice in Interior Design and Architectural Design play a significant role in our design process from start to completion. Every project is individual, and we organise the process of briefing, designing and constructing the project into work stages which provide us with an understanding of timeframe, costs and requirements. We are reflecting on the client thoughts and wishes, structuring them and creating an unforgettable experience.

Architects and interior designers, we can produce drawings for your dream house or remodel a property, as well as provide the full project service, including site management or building service. Our primary expertise areas are private residential and commercial - industrial projects. Studio approach - to create environmentally friendly eco-design solutions with modern technologies behind them, advise and optimise a BIM and 3d software project for a solid and rapid result.